Post-Op Medication Instructions

The quantity and quality of pain experienced after surgery is often a result of the nature of the surgery and the threshold of the patient.

We often tell the patient to expect 3-5 days of soreness. Some procedures take 2-3 weeks for the patients to feel like themselves again. Extraction sites can take weeks, even months, to close.

In most cases, start taking the prescribed medications after the procedure with food (i.e. applesauce).

If you have I.V. Sedation/General Anesthesia you may be given an antibiotic, pain killers, and anti-swell medication during your procedure. (You can ask the assistant in the recovery room after your surgery.) When you get home after you have something to eat, you can take the prescribed pain reliever, if needed. It is best to take it sooner rather than later.

If you have not been given any medications during the surgery, start your antibiotic, pain reliever, and anti-swell medication when you get home and after you have eaten. You may space these out 15-30 minutes apart to avoid nausea.

  1. Antibiotics: Penicillin (Pen VK, Veetids), Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Keflex, Cipro or Cleocin (Clindamycin). This medication is to prevent infection.  Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

All prescriptions are to be filled and started after the surgery unless otherwise suggested by Dr. Bryan Gulley and Gomez. The antibiotics and anti-swell medications are to be taken until finished.